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Assembly & Installation

We know that building a flawless video and audio live streaming setting is not always easy. Our trained Streamoptics task team will support you with on-site assembly and installation and will also be on hand to advise you.

Streamoptics task team

Our Streamoptics task team consists of qualified and permanently trained technicians who support our customers and partners with the initial setup.

Our task team works closely with you from the start, step by step in setting up your individual solution and offers you further help in everyday life. From scaling, optimization to system updates, everything from a single source.

Are you planning a project?

Are you planning a project or have you already placed an order with us and need help with the setup? We are there for you!

Contact us

Feel free to contact us directly at:

Email: support@streamoptics.co.uk
Phone: +44 56 0370 9085